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The Callisto range of rack-mount and portable digital production switchers combines full broadcast specification with true programme / preview bus switching.

Download a Callisto Product Sheet.


The Callisto is available in three versions:
Callisto-P: Portable 6-input self-contained with universal power supply
Callisto-F: Rack-mount 8-input with integral front panel control
Callisto-R: Rack-mount 8-input with Callisto-C RS-422 linked remote panel
Callisto-µ: Miniature portable 3-input with web server and analogue input
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Video Ghost
Phantom power for SDI cables

Proteus Standards Converter
A fully featured SDI standards converter with integrated audio delay and synchronisation

Syntax Up-converters
An up-converter/cross converter offering unrivalled conversion quality in its price range.

V-Log Time Code Logging
Universal time code (VITC & LTC) reader/translator with VHS transport control

Neptune Synchronisers
Rack-mount dual-channel SDI synchroniser

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