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The one-of-a-kind solution for transmitting power, data and video simultaneously – using a single coaxial cable.

Video Ghost was designed to provide steady, reliable and consistent power supply for cameras and monitors over long distances without the inconvenience and running expense of batteries.

The new generation of Video Ghost dx does so much more!

Power Supply at a distance

Running a camera without a battery is a very attractive option. With Video Ghost, a single coaxial cable can carry both video and power, doing away with the need for a heavy power cable.

Remote control and video transmission

While carrying power and video for the camera, Video Ghost dx offers simultaneous transmission of control  data. The bi-directional data link supports remote control for both for cameras and monitors.

Power over coax

Forget the battery

Instead of a heavy power cable, Video Ghost dx powers a camera or monitor using a single coax cable, without the need for batteries or local AC power!

  • Perfect for hard-to-reach locations and OB vans.
  • Reduce cabling costs and labour.
  • No need to worry about the batteries in the middle of a “take”.

Video Transmission

No additional cable necessary

The new generation of Video Ghost dx transmits video streams with resolutions up to 4K in real time via the same coaxial cable – over distances of up to 600m/2000ft!

  • All SDI resolutions covered, including 3G, 2K and 4K support.
  • Maximum adaptability.
  • More functionality, less cabling.

Remote Control

Data transfer in both directions

The bi-directional data link turns Video Ghost dx into a remote control for various camera features, such as PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom), colour correction, iris setting etc.

  • Support for VISCA, Pelco-D and Pelco-P protocols.
  • Remote control for added safety.
  • Unrivalled flexibility.

Utmost flexibility

Get to hard-to-reach places - easily.

With Video Ghost dx, even inaccessible areas become easy to reach
– no local AC power required reducing labour costs and eliminating safety concerns.

For Cameras and Monitors

All features work on both

One Video Ghost dx transmitter and one receiver is all
you need – use them on a camera or a monitor.


Stay mobile and flexible

In the future, new regulations may make it harder to take Lithium batteries
on airplanes. Stay mobile by using coaxial cables instead!

Safety Interlock

No accidental damage

Only when the base station of Video Ghost has established contact with the head end is power sent over the coaxial cable. Safety first!

Simple Set-Up

Fast and easy to deploy

Connect the camera or monitor to a Video Ghost head end, connect the receiver to a Video Ghost base station – and you’re done!

Overload Protection

Never too much juice

The overload protection function in Video Ghost will initiate a shut-down in the event that too much power is drawn from the system.


About Video Ghost dx

Video Ghost dx is the unique solution to provide cameras and monitors with stable, reliable power, while transmitting video and remote control data at the same time – via a single coaxial cable.

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